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Auvent rétractable

Retractable awnings

The retractable awning is great for those with occasional needs. It allows you to keep maximum brightness inside your home or business and also protects you from rays (UVA and UVB). It pleasantly replaces the classic parasol without all its drawbacks. Most retractables are offered with a variable slope, allowing you to adjust the height as needed. Equipped with a manual or motorized opening, the retractable awning can be used according to your taste. In order to preserve your awning for a long time, we strongly advise you not to use it during unfavorable conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain, which could damage it. It is therefore strongly recommended to retract it. Finally, to preserve and protect the fabric for many years, we offer you, as an option, a protective complete hood cover in aluminum.

SPECIFICATIONS & GUARANTEES ​ Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enamel aluminum (white, ivory, tan, gray, black or commercial brown) 10 year warranty* Limited widths and projections 100% acrylic canvas 10 year warranty* European mechanism and operator (engine) 5 year warranty* Design and installation 1 year warranty*

OPTIONS ​ Operator (engine) Protective cover Dual Valence


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