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3 season solarium awnings

The Series and Signature 3-season solarium awnings are made to measure according to your needs in order to offer you maximum comfort. You will enjoy your outdoor space from the first beautiful days until late fall.They are made of baked enamel aluminum and covered with a 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane that protects you from rays (UVA and UVB). This membrane allows a beautiful light to pass through. Its lifespan is comparable to that of a traditional roof and easy to maintain.

SPECIFICATIONS & WARRANTIES Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enameled aluminum -- 10 year warranty* 100% acrylic fabric -- 10 year warranty* 22 oz laminated vinyl membrane -- 10 year warranty* Sliding windows and patio doors in 4mm safety glass, with lock -- 10 day warranty (glass) Mosquito net in polyester coated with PVC -- 2 years warranty* Polymer curtain -- 1 year warranty*​ 100% acrylic curtain -- 10 year warranty* Mesh curtain -- 2 year warranty* Design and installation -- 1 year warranty*

OPTIONS ​ Gutter Raised panels Dual valence Valence rail cover Privacy roller (blind)


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