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Permanent stationary awnings

The permanent stationary awning is a permanent installation. It is made with a reinforced structure and covered with a 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane.​ It has been designed and designed to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and bad weather throughout the year.​ It is entirely made to measure and according to your requirements. The permanent stationary awning will be manufactured and designed to perfectly match your existing decorum. In addition, in order to increase your comfort and its use, different types of curtains are offered to you to make it more pleasant, such as: fixed or removable mosquito net curtain, 100% acrylic curtain, wick curtain and clear polymer curtain or smoked. It is easy to maintain and requires no assembly or disassembly. You will therefore be able to enjoy your terrace to the fullest all year round in complete peace of mind.

SPECIFICATIONS & WARRANTIES Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enameled aluminum -- 10 year warranty* 100% acrylic fabric -- 10 year warranty* 22 oz laminated vinyl membrane -- 10 year warranty* Mosquito net in polyester coated with PVC -- 2 years warranty* Polymer curtain -- 1 year warranty*​ 100% acrylic curtain -- 10 year warranty* Mesh curtain -- 2 year warranty* Design and installation -- 1 year warranty*

OPTIONS ​ Gutter Screen door Dual valence Valence rail cover Decorative curtains Curtains: 100% acrylic canvas curtain clear / smoked polymer curtain PVC coated polyester mosquito net curtain wick curtain winter curtain


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