A story of heart and passion.

Serge Lapointe
President General Manager

It all started with Serge Lapointe, a man with an extensive background in the field of semi-outdoor spaces, and a passionate love for the product. Lapointe founded Signature Awnings & Solariums with the idea that a company’s success is built on assembling the best team available.


The mission of Signature Awnings & Solariums is to offer its clientele the very best service around, along with high-quality products at very competitive prices. With its unique know-how and sense of innovation, the company is able to offer a compete selection of products with exceptional finishings and remarkable durability.

The company

Since its founding, Signature Awnings & Solariums has built the kind of reputation that inspires lasting confidence in its customers. The company has become known for the quality and innovation of its awnings, shelters and solariums. Innovation is paramount for Serge Lapointe, who has always set high-quality standards on the work he does for his clientele. With two patents for new manufacturing processes, and a third on the way, the company is fast building a name for itself as an innovator in the field.

The products

All Signature Awnings & Solariums products are custom-made to meet customers’ needs as closely and as thoughtfully as possible. Whether it’s to close off a condo balcony or offer shelter to a seasonal camper, the company offers personalized solutions for a range of budgets. Signature Awnings & Solariums also offers a selection of rattan furniture to enhance your semi-outdoor landscaping. Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

At Signature Awnings & Solariums, the weather’s always great!


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