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Véranda VR

Residential verandas & RV

The VR polymer veranda awning is distinguished by its unique design. Since it is not attached to your recreational vehicle, it supports itself, which eliminates any risk of water infiltration that could cause serious damage to your unit. The residential polymer veranda awning is firmly attached to your home. Its installation is permanent, so it does not require any annual assembly or disassembly. They are also equipped with a full-size removable polymer window system to which you can add one or more doors depending on the desired location. The roof is made of a baked enamel aluminum structure covered with a 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane. A wide choice of colors is available to you.The advantages of this type of awning are numerous.They allow you, among other things, to benefit more quickly from the gentle rays of the sun in the spring. They ensure maximum comfort in the summer, protecting you from undesirables. In the fall, despite the cool weather, you can extend your outdoor meals. Finally, in winter, you can store all your garden furniture and seasonal items there to better protect them.

SPECIFICATIONS & GUARANTEES ​ Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enameled aluminum -- 10 year warranty* 22 oz laminated vinyl membrane -- 10 year warranty* Polymer windows and patio doors with lock -- 1 year warranty* Design and installation -- 1 year warranty*

OPTIONS ​ Gutter Raised panels Dual valence Valence rail cover Manual privacy roller (blind)


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