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Adding curtains to your patio, condo or business can allow you to spend more time outdoors than you think. The fixed or removable mosquito net curtain will allow you to seal against mosquitoes, the acrylic curtain or the wick curtain will hide you from the sun and the prying eyes of neighbors and the clear or smoked polymer curtain will allow you to see outside while cutting off wind and rain. We also have laminated membrane winter curtains. The guide blind and the manual or motorized Maximus blind are also a great option for many projects. Many color options are available.

SPECIFICATIONS & GUARANTEES ​ Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enameled aluminum -- 10 year warranty* 100% acrylic fabric -- 10 year warranty* 22oz laminated vinyl membrane -- 10 year warranty* PVC coated polyester mosquito net -- 2 year warranty* Polymer curtain -- 1 year warranty*​ 100% acrylic curtain -- 10 year warranty* Wick curtain -- 2 year warranty* Motorization -- 5 year warranty* Design and installation -- 1 year warranty*


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