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Window and door awnings

Window and door awnings also add an additional cachet to your home or business. These awnings can also be used to enhance your business by displaying your logo, which will increase your visibility.To dress your windows, two types of slopes are available, whether sliding or crank.For doors, there are several types of awnings, including the basket awning and the reverse slope awning.All awning models are covered with a 100% acrylic fabric or a 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane mounted on a baked enamel aluminum structure. These awnings will preserve the decoration of your window coverings and your furniture.In addition, depending on the type of awning, you will obtain, when you air-condition, an interesting reduction in your energy consumption.

SPECIFICATIONS & GUARANTEES ​ Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enamel aluminum (white, tan and black) -- 10 year warranty* 100% acrylic fabric -- 10 year warranty* 22 oz laminated vinyl membrane -- 10 year warranty* Design and installation -- 1 year warranty*


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