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Solariums 3 seasons 

The glass solarium was created to give you the impression of being outside, and by the same token, you provide maximum brightness inside your home.It has all the advantages of a glass roof without its drawbacks. This type of awning can be cut to the desired length, which eliminates horizontal joints, which are a source of leaks. Its engineered thermoplastic resin panels are mounted on baked enamel aluminum beams to accommodate maximum load capacity. It has sliding windows and patio doors with 4mm safety glass lock. Its installation is solid and permanent, so no annual assembly or disassembly. Controlling ambient heat, the solarium with glass roof has a choice of motorized curtains that can easily be installed inside or outside. Plus, it's unbreakable. It requires no concrete foundation, which greatly reduces construction costs.

SPECIFICATIONS & GUARANTEES ​ Canadian aluminum profiles Baked enameled aluminum -- 10 year warranty* Integrated gutter -- 10 year warranty* Mosquito net in polyester coated with PVC -- 2 years warranty* Sliding windows and patio doors with 4mm safety glass lock -- 10 day warranty (glass)​ Design and installation -- 1 year warranty* ​ No warranty on scratches or any other breakage relating to the glass due to normal or abusive wear.

OPTIONS ​ Raised panels Veranda awning (exterior) Privacy roller (blind)


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